Training is needed for scuba diving to develop the practical skills for safe diving and to be aware of the hazards and how to avoid them. Our emphasis at HILSAG is enjoyment of diving and the underwater world as safe and responsible divers. It's fun! and participating in our training programs should be a rewarding experience.

Training is an important activity for the club, both in introducing new members to scuba diving and to develop the skills of qualified divers. In common with other diving organisations the training is organised into a number of stages. On successful completion of a stage a dive qualification is awarded that has defined limits. The SAA qualifications issued by the club when you train with us are explained in more detail here.

HILSAG offers a complete training program from introductory Open Water Diver through to Club Diver and Dive Leader and, in conjunction with the SAA, though to Dive Instructor and Dive Supervisor. From Club Diver level members will be able to dive unsupervised underwater as a buddy pair with a similarly qualified diver.

New to diving - Welcome.

The club offers an introductory Open Water training programme usually annually and as numbers permit. Please contact us for information on the next training course. Details of the Open Water training course are here.

If you are not sure how you would take to the underwater experience we can offer try dives at the Hayes swimming pool. We will sometimes hold try dive evenings in conjunction with publicity for our next training course, but don't wait. Contact us to see when we will be able to offer you a try dive.

Following on from attaining your Open Water Diver certificate you will be invited to join the club as a full time member and further training to Club Diver will be provided. As a Club Diver you can apply for an internationally recognised C card from the SAA which in conjunction with an up to date dive log will be accepted round the world as a valid diver qualification.

Already a qualified diver - Welcome.

If you have already trained with PADI or another dive organisation we won't hold that against you! We want enthusiastic and responsible divers to join us and enjoy our mutual interest. We will ask you to have a short informal assessment to ensure that we are on the same wavelength. You will join our club at an equivalent level to your current qualification. Further training can be undertaken with us as needed.

Qualification crossover

A crossover chart showing the equivalent grades for the main diving organisations is available here.